Organization and Governance

WIO-C has a two-tier structure: a general membership acting as a steering committee and headed by elected President and a rotating secretariat, hosted by one of the consortium members.

General Membership

The general membership of the Consortium consists of Inter-governmental Organisations (IGO) and regional NGOs, as well as national and local NGOs, and is envisaged to grow and become broader with time. Membership is restricted to organisations or institutions and should not be individual. The Consortium should seek a geographically balanced membership (e.g. islands-mainland), and strive to engage organizations from all countries in the region.

Members shall demonstrate commitment to the Consortium through submitting signing a commitment letter. Members also commit to attending Consortium meetings and consultations, such as formal meetings and workshops, teleconferences, or remote discussions, regularly through appropriate representation.


The secretariat is responsible for supporting the core functions of the Consortium, including co-ordination of the members. The secretariat will be rotated among the core members on an annual basis, unless otherwise agreed on by the core members. WIOMSA is currently hoisting the Secretariat.

Specifically, the roles and responsibilities of the secretariat include:

  • Managing all documentation and records relating to the Consortium and act as a repository;
  • Convening meetings: Coordinating virtual discussions, meetings of the steering committee and other meetings, acting as secretary for all steering committee meetings, developing agendas, preparing and distributing minutes and other documents and handling necessary logistics;
  • Acting as a communication centre and a conduit for information flow;
  • Facilitating the development of an annual work programme for the Consortium;
  • Managing budgets, keeping accounts and producing financial reports for the Consortium core functions;
  • Facilitating and keeping track of member recruitment to the Consortium;
  • Leading fundraising efforts in close consultation with the Steering Committee.